Skydiving in Cape Town

Departs on:
daily (weather dependent)
$185/person (self drive),
$210 (including transport)
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Bokbus tours will adhere to the TOURISM INDUSTRY STANDARD COVID-19 SAFETY PROTOCOLS during the time of the pandemic as prescribed by the TBCSA (Tourism Business Council of South Africa) aligned with the latest Disaster Management and Department of Employment and Labour (DoEL) Regulations, the World Health Organisation (WHO), National Institute for Communicable Disease (NICD) and Department of health (DoH) guidelines. The protocols will be updated as required on an on-going basis in line with the risk adjusted activity allowed and the pandemic status in South Africa.

Tour Guides and travellers will be required to wear cloth face masks whilst on tour; in the vehicle or in public for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please bring your own mask.

Travellers' temperatures will be measured daily to ensure that they are fit for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travellers will be required to sign and complete a Declaration of Health document when boarding the tour during the pandemic.

Hand sanitiser or disinfectant hygienic wipes will be available and used regularly on tour during the pandemic.

Tour group size capacity limits and social distancing controls will be strictly monitored during the pandemic.

Tour vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected between tours as well as during the tour during the pandemic.

All operations, third-party transport, activity and/or accommodation suppliers (if any) used on tour will adhere the required COVID-19 guidelines for travel during the pandemic and until post-COVID-19 travel protocols are determined. Hands will need to be disinfected and temperatures checked upon arrival. Certain establishments will have different protocols, please respect and adhere to these conditions.