Hi BokBussers!

Roos Ebregt

I would like to start this first blog by introducing myself. I’m Rose, the new intern at BokBus Tours. I come from the Netherlands where I’ve been studying International Communication and Media. I have definitely enjoyed my 3 years of studying in Holland, but I have a feeling it is going to waaay more fun to do an internship at BokBus Tours here in South Africa. My hobbies include doing sports, going out with friends, going to festivals and enjoying the music – you know, all the usuals.

Today is my second day at BokBus and there is already so much I could tell you. I was welcomed with open arms – literally – and the whole team made me feel at home straight away. Which is great, because my actual home is pretty far away right now. There is such a relaxing, friendly vibe at BokBus I have never experienced elsewhere. As I am writing this blog post, I am sitting outside in the sun with my laptop, looking out at the forest surrounding the office, watching the dogs playfully running around, and there’s a pool on my right just waiting for me to jump in and have a swim. So that pretty much describes how comfortable and relaxing it can be to work for BokBus.

Now let me tell you something about my first week here in Cape Town. I arrived in Cape Town on the 2nd of February where I was picked up and brought to my apartment. Because I knew I only had one week of free time before I had to start my internship at BokBus, I wanted to do as much as possible, and I can tell you this; I definitely filled my days with fun activities! I drove up to Cape Point, drove past a few beautiful beaches (Lladudno beach, Camps Bay, and Clifton), had surfing lessons, ate at all the food markets you could think of (Hout Bay Market, the Old Biscuit Mill, City Bowl market, and the Waterfront market), hiked op Lion’s Head, and even had time to make friends and get some practice in driving on the left/wrong side of the road. The days here are beautiful and sunny; a big reason why I don’t miss home for even a second! The people are always so kind and supportive – especially when I need help parking my car – even if they don’t make a huge living. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty this city and these people hold. You absolutely need to come and see it for yourself J.

In conclusion, this country is definitely going to trap me in its beautiful atmosphere and the time for adventure starts now.