Hi everybody,

My name is Louison and I am the new trainee of Bokbus company. I am a 19-year-old French student and I’ve just finished my first year in La Rochelle Business School of Tourism. I choose to go in Cape Town for my two months’ internship because I used to live in Africa and I was really missing this continent, moreover, it was a good way for me to improve my English and discover another African culture. I choose to work with Bokbus because it seemed to be the best way to learn a lot about the functioning of the company and to acquire new important skills.

I started my internship the 14th of June 2016 and everyone in the company was very nice and welcoming for my first day of work. The place seems to be a really good spot to work, with a good atmosphere!

I arrived in South Africa the 12th of June and it was very cold but the welcome of South African people has warmed me up quickly. I currently live in a house with seven other people, and each one comes from a different country. Everyone speaks English and it’s a very good training for me but I was a little relieve to learn that one of them was speaking a little bit French, so he could translate some words for me.

I am very satisfied of my choice to go in Cape Town, everything is beautiful. If you have to choose one place to go to travel or do an internship I highly recommend Cape Town, you will not be disappointed!

You will quickly have some news from me after my very first experience in a safari!

Best regards,

Louison ALBERT