Last week, I went on safari with 7 other young people, I chose 4 Day on the Garden Route with a lot of activities and 2 safari Game drives. It was an amazing moment and I will describe you this trip, day per day. I would like to thank Sbu, our guide during this trip because this is an incredible person with a lot of knowledge and Bokbus for this kindness

Day 1:

We went to the Route 62 to join Cango Caves, we stopped few times to take drinks or something to eat. The first stop was in Montagu and the second in Ronny Sex shop. After, we have seen ostriches and we visited the ostrich farm, it was the first time for me that I saw ostriches and it was a very good moment. After that we went in the backpacker where a good meal was served!

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Day 2:

To begin the day, we chose to go in Wildlife ranch where there are a lot of different species of animals, we had a guide for this visit, he was very friendly. We saw snakes, alligators, lions, cheetahs, leopards, flamingos, etc. We touched cheetahs at the end of the visit, it was magic. After Wildlife ranch, we went in Knysna, for visit Knysna Elephant Park, it was the first time for me that I saw elephants, and that was a dream, now a reality, I’m very happy of this experience! We gave food to eat to elephants, and after we touched their skin and we took a lot of pictures with elephants. Before to come back at accommodation we stopped in Bloukrans Bungy jump, 2 of people with me did it, they said that was crazy and exciting. After this good day, we went in another Backpacker just near Tsitsikamma National Park. We have eaten a very good meal in a restaurant just next to our Backpacker!

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Day 3:

Sunday, we went in Tsitsikamma National Park, we walked during 20 minutes, we saw beautiful landscapes and we arrived on the bridge, a wonderful bridge, eyes were amazed! The begin of a good day because after this stop, we took the road from Knysna Heads to live a very good moment with a good weather, the beach, sun and good ambiance. After that, during 2 hours Sbu drove until Garden Route Game Lodge. Here we made an amazing Big 5 sunset Game drive, that was awesome, we saw a lot of animals, the guide was very clever and he had a lot of knowledge. A very good experience!!!! We slept in perfect and comfortable accommodation, in the middle of this reserve just next to animals! A very nice souvenir!

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Day 4:

This was the last day of the trip, we woke up at 6 o’clock because we went on safari between 7 am and 9 am. This was perfect with the sunrise and animals. We saw others different species that the day before so this was beautiful with a different landscape! After the Big 5 Game drive we went to breakfast which was plentiful and very good before you can see reptiles and thus able to take on oneself. It was an exceptional experience. After the early morning we went for a tasting of wines that were very good, then went to a market and stop eating. To finish this wonderful adventure, we went to see the penguins, it was impressive because there were a lot. After spending 4 days indescribable we took the road back to Cape Town along the coast to live one last sunset!!

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To conclude, I would like to thank Bokbus, my company because with them, I realized a dream.

Thank you so much!


Maxime ROBIN

Bokbus Intern since April 2016