Hello everybody,

I came back to Cape Town few days ago from the Garden Route tour, maybe one of the best experience in my life! I was with 8 other people and Glenn, our amazing guide, we were 4 French people and 5 Taiwanese people. I went to the 5 day Garden Route tour because I really wanted to experience all the activities it can offer, and I am not disappointed! I spent the most beautiful week of my young life and I really want to thank Glenn, our guide who taught us a lot during this trip and Bokbus without which I would not have been able to live this great experience!


Day 1:

We left Cape Town at 7 in the morning onto the Route 62. Our first stop was at the Ronnies Sex Shop, a cool place to have a drink before continuing the road to Oudtshoorn. We arrived in the ostriches’ capital in the afternoon, we made a stop in a farm where we learnt a lot about these big birds, some of us even had the opportunity to ride them! We finished our amazing first day with the visit of the Cango Caves, it was such a beautiful place and it was difficult to walk and climb into the very small caves but I had a lot of fun! After that we went to Backpackers Paradise to spend the night. We ate ostriches Braai, it was delicious!


Day 2: 

For our second day the weather was not with us, it was cloudy and a little bit rainy but we enjoyed the day anyway. We went to Map of Africa, a beautiful landscape even with the clouds! It was an important afternoon for me, it was the first time I jumped from a bridge and it was the highest bungy jumping bridge in the world! It was amazing and I still have shivers! Once we’ve been done with the bungy jumping, we went to the backpackers, it was too rainy to do something else so we decided to stay here and chill. It was a good place to relax!


Day 3:

The third day the weather was really beautiful, a lot of sun! It was perfect for the discovery of Tsitsikamma national park. We walked through the forest to reach the hanging bridge and the beach. In the forest we could the waves it was breathtaking, the scenery was beautiful! We ate at the park restaurant and after that, we left Tsitsikamma to go to Jeffrey’s Bay, a magnificent beach. The water was cold but that didn’t stop the surfers to take the plunge, I also swum but a shark quickly halted me! The Backpacker was really nice, with a lot of young people, all from other countries! The meal at the Backpacker was very good, and the atmosphere as well!

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Day 4:

We left the Backpackers really late in the morning, it was good to sleep a little more and it was vital to be fit for what awaited us in the afternoon. Indeed, we had to go to the Garden Route Game Lodge for our first safari! We arrived one hour before leaving for the safari to prepare our cameras and hot clothes, it was hot but the night was about to fall. We saw a lot of animals but we were disappointed to not have seen lions, elephants or giraffes.  The diner quickly comforted us and we remembered that had a second safari the next morning. The diner was exceptional, it was a buffet with a lot of choices, wed had Ostrich, Oryx, chicken… We directly went back to our rooms after diner to sleep with a full stomach and beautiful images in our mind.

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Day 5:

We woke up very early, before the sunrise, to see some animals that we didn’t see the last day. We finally saw elephants, giraffes and lions, but we also saw rhinos, zebras and a cheetah! This was the best conclusion to our trip we could have. Once the safari finish we gave back the keys of our rooms and went to the reptile park, I had the chance to take two snakes in my hands and on my shoulders, I was very impressed but it was amazing. On the road back we made a stop at Hermanus to see whales but the weathers was too bad and we didn’t see them, we also made a stop on the road to see penguins. After that we continued the road to Cape Town, we were all sad in the car. We arrived late in the afternoon.

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I really want to thank Bokbus for that opportunity they gave me, it will always be one of the best memory I have of South Africa!


Louison Albert