5 Day Garden Route Adventure Tour – Day 1

My 5 day Garden Route Tour got a stormy start with strong winds. Thankfully we spend most of this day driving through the mountain area on Route 62, the longest wine route in the world. As a passionate wine-lover, I really appreciated this choice of route since we could have taken a different road along the cost (as we do on the way back). Forest, wine ranks, misty mountains and cristal clear rivers surrounding us for hours, it was hard to believe we were still in South Africa. We stopped at the magnificent Cango Caves, with limestone formations created about 750 million years ago. It was nice cooling down a bit inside the cave since the temperature was 35 degrees outside. Another stop was at the Ostrich Farm in Oudtshoorn where we got to know those big birds on a new level. The food that night was delicious, south african style ”Braai”.